My office is located at Two Regency Plaza, Suite 20, in  Providence, Rhode Island.  The office is near the main branch of the Providence Public Library, Trinity Theater, and the Civic Center. It is easily accessed from Route 95 and parking is available.  Click here for directions.  The office is also on a bus line and is an easy walk from Kennedy Plaza.


As a psychotherapist, I believe that growth and change are a normal part of life.  Growth is also the result of dealing with the unavoidable difficulties and challenges we all experience.  Most of the time, friends, family, and colleagues can provide the support and help we need in order to weather these difficulties.  Some challenges seem insurmountable, and growth is blocked as a result.  At times like these, psychotherapy can be very helpful.

Psychotherapy focuses on restoring perspective and building confidence in addressing life's challenges.  Psychotherapy offers assistance to individuals, couples and families who are experiencing difficulty in personal lives, school, or work, and to those who are feeling blocked from reaching their potential. 


Services provided include individual psychotherapy, couples and marital therapy, family therapy, and consultation to individuals, families, and professionals.  I work with adults, adolescents, and children.


This website was developed for the use of clients, colleagues, students, and friends.  The content is varied, offering information about my practice, providing information about resources that I have found useful, and answering questions that I am frequently asked.  The website allows me to provide information in a format that is both customizable and efficient.  My hope is that the information provided here will be helpful. However, it is general and not a substitute for face-to-face consultation with a trained professional.  I welcome comments and suggestions for additions or changes to the site.  

Carol Jensen Ph.D. Two Regency Plaza Suite 20 Providence, RI 02903